Sunday, 18 November 2012

Song/Videos of the week!

Ginette Claudette - Fade Live Cover

This girl is amazing! She only had to sing the first line of this song and I was hooked. She's also absolutely beautiful! Listened to this about 20 times just today. 

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love

 I've listened to this song so much this week after he performed it on X Factor last Sunday! He's a genius and so humble! He doesn't even look like he's trying when he singing. LOVE him.

James Arthur - Faded

I'm a massive fan or James Arthur! You can tell he puts his all into every song he sings, he wrote Faded him self also. I can never decide between him, Ella and Jahmene as to who I want to win! Rylan's reaction  would be epic if he won though wouldn't it?! 

Adele "Skyfall" Eargasm by The Mad Violinist 

I've never heard anyone play the violin like this before. WOW!  

Thanks for reading! 
Tosin xo

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  1. Ed has such a lush voice and so does Adele! I absolutely love James Arthur and if he doesn't win, he's going big anyway. Is it weird that I love Rylan and want him to win, mainly because of the reaction haha ABG?


    1. yeah, did you watch X Factor tonight? I'm so glad he didn't go but I feel bad for Ella also :/ OMD I love Rylan too, his reaction would be tv gold! yyeah ABG! WOW it's a small world! I didn't know you had a blog haha xx


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