About me!

My name is Tosin pronounced Toe-Sin, I'm 18 years old, at college & I'm the proud writer of this blog!

loudlolalabel broken down is Loud. Lola. Label.
Loud - Because I loove to laugh (I have quite a loud laugh) and sing and bust a move or two.  
Lola - My last name is Babalola and a couple of my friends call me Lola and it went with the L theme.
Label - This is basically to do with the label on clothes or stuff you buy in general because I love shopping whether it's for clothes, shoes or some piri piri chicken!

"I wanna leave my footprints in the sand of time"
 This is about me trying to impact the people around me in the little way that I can. It makes me happy when I think about someone reading my posts and laughing at me what I've written, getting inspiration from it or being encouraged by it.

 Listen to Beyonce - I was 
  The lyrics explain why I made this blog. I do understand that there are millions of different ways I can leave my footprints in the sand of time but for now, this blog is the way I choose to.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and don't hesitate to ask any questions on my twitter or tumblr page. 

Tosin xo

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