Monday, 31 December 2012

HAULIN' and 5,000 views!

Hellooo people! It's new years eve!
I said I'd share with you what I bought in the sale and stuff I've bought in general. 

I'd like to begin by saying that my sister and I share clothes most of the time; why should I buy the same thing in the same colour in the same size when my sister has it already? so everything wasn't bought by me alone.
My sister and I got some money for Christmas and I have been working as well, I don't wanna come across like I'm rolling in money, because I'm really not..

 Office shoes - £10 was £38 LINK

Office was one of the most crowded shop I went into on boxing day but when I saw these, it was love at first sight and I had to have them. I love everything about them! Although I can't wear them for now as it's freezing, but bring on summer!

Topshop Leggings - £18 LINK
These leggings are soo comfy and they're high waisted as you can probably tell. I had a pair similar to these from River Island but I threw that away because it had a hole in it and I've been wanting another pair or ages. Sometimes, I get tired of wearing jeans all the time. These are definitely thicker than standard leggings but I think I'd still wear a long top that covers my bum as it's figure hugging.
There are some other colours on sale for £10 but I really wanted them in black.

Primark Shirt - £5 was £10

I saw this shirt and I was like "Well hello there" then I saw that it was £5 and I was like "Come to mama" It is sheer so I am wearing a black vest top underneath.

Republic Jeans - £15 was £30 LINK

I have this in blue so my sis bought this in black. I love these jeans because they're soo high and they suck you in right at the top enabling them to give the illusion of a small waist and wide hips. Also there's no fly so you don't have to worry about the zip falling down. We've all been there *sigh*

Primark Mens hoodie - £5 was £12

I got this hoodie in a Medium but I think I should have got it in a Small as it's quite big and I can't be bothered to return it however it does mean that I can wear a jumper underneath which will make it snug and cosy.  

H&M Blazer - £15 was £29.99 LINK

This blazer is a little more green in real life, on here it looks a lot darker. I like the colour as it's not something I'd normally pick up and I certainly look forward to colour blocking with this in the summer. 

Converse -£40.49 with 10% off student discount, originally £44.99 LINK

I've wanted these for a while. All I have done is stare at them because they're so white. I think they make every outfit look trendy, relaxed and casual. 

Valentia Legwear Tights LINK

These tights are the softest tights I have every come across! I got them as a gift from my auntie. I could only find a link on eBay from a seller in America as I have no idea where she (my auntie) got them from. There are some similar to these in Primark which are £3.50.

H&M Men's jumper - £7.99 LINK

A friend of mine wore this jumper to college and I absolutely love it on him,  then I bought it for another friend of mine for Christmas  so I cheekily bought myself one too. I love it! 

 Republic Men's jumper - £10 originally £16

Sometimes, jumpers in the men section are way nicer than the ones in women. I showed it to my dad when I brought it home and he loved it but me and my sister weren't parting with this jumper.

Daisy Street High neck dress £9.99 was £14.99 LINK

I'm in love with this dress! It's an absolute bargain. The high neck just make it look that bit better giving it that edge over other dresss that I own and it fits just right.

Daisy Street Aztec print dress - £13.99 LINK

I'm not in love with this dress however. Just like the one above, I got it in a S/M but it's baggy and loose still! I'm still debating within me whether to get it altered by a tailor or return it. The only thing stopping me is that take £3 off when you return stuff back! 

Republic Earrings £3.50 was £7 LINK

For some reason, these aren't on sale on the website so I think it'd be better to just go in store and get it for half price. I love statement earrings, you'll hardly see me without any on!

 Asos dress - £15 was £22  LINK

A friend ordered this dress for me for my birthday but I don't really like the fit. It was on my asos dress wish list but it's just not for me, it doesn't look the way I imagined it in my head so it will be going back.

I recently reached 5,000 views on my blog which to me is crazy! I love that people actually take the time to read what I write, thank you so so much!

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day! 2012

Hello beautiful people!

Just a little post about my Christmas day. 

images from

One of my friends *cough* Nwora *cough* thought he would give me a great Christmas gift by giving me a cold. I hate taking tablets because I like to get better by myself but because I wanted my cold to be gone before Christmas day, I had to.  

Understandably, Christmas Day is the only day which I didn't do any revision as Jesus obviously wants me to chill on his birthday, I know it. ;) 
Who thinks there should be no exams after the Christmas holidays? Who thinks there should be no exams? 

I tried to find a dress to wear on Christmas day online and in stores, I even ordered one from but I didn't really like the fit so I wore this green and black dress from I would have put a link here but it's not on the website anymore. 
It's a midi dress - like you didn't already guess- and I love it.

I had my hair in a high bun using my hair donut from Primark and a friend told me it was the perfect bun which I was pleased with as it was the first time I did it myself. I usually get my slave friend to do it for me. 

Once  I was ready, I went to church where I sang christmas carols, watched 2 of the pastors play a game which involved them dressing up in sumo wrestler costumes and listened to the kids talk about the lovely presents they'd received. Who said being a Christian wasn't any fun?

Dress -
Earrings - Republic
Heels - Primark

I painted my nails on Christmas eve and by the afternoon of Christmas day, they were already chipped! I wasn't very pleased. 

The rest of the day was spent eating, drinking and most importantly laughing at a family friend's house! 

I went to the boxing day sales today I planned to get to he city centre for 9am and I got there for 12pm haha however I still bought some nice stuff which I will definitely be sharing with you!

I hope you had a great Christmas also!
Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Zara Body Spray in White Jasmine

Hello, I feel soo ill at the moment! I couldn't go to church today because I didn't have the energy to get out of bed. Trust me to become ill, when I need motivation to revise!

I bought this spray last week and I'm simply in love with it.

When I went into Zara, I wasn't sure which I was going to get but after smelling at least 10 different scents and feeling slightly dizzy, I decided to get this one as it smelt the best in my opinion. 

It was £9.99 which I didn't think was bad at all. It lasts for absolute ages, I spray it on my wrist and all through my college day, I'm just there sniffing my wrists haha Here's the tricky part. I'm going to attempt to describe what it smells like. I literally just sniffed the bottle about 5 times and I still don't know how to describe it. I'd say it's light, relaxing and romantic. 

I also bought this Zara Man Silver body spray for a friend and gave it to him for Christmas, lucky guy haha

Oooh I handed out most of my Christmas cards to my friends and teachers at college and the smile on their faces made it totally worth it! 

Thanks for reading!
Merry Christmas & Happy revision ;) 
Tosin xo

Friday, 21 December 2012

Tumblr Thoughts

Hello beautiful people!
I've been revising for the past week and it's really getting to me as there's just SO much I need to know.
Anyway, below are a few (25) pictures of what I've reblogged on my tumblr page. 
Sometimes a picture can say so much so I hope you enjoy!

These pictures do tell a vague story about me. I reblog things that are cute, funny or evoke a certain feeling within me. 

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo