Monday, 31 December 2012

HAULIN' and 5,000 views!

Hellooo people! It's new years eve!
I said I'd share with you what I bought in the sale and stuff I've bought in general. 

I'd like to begin by saying that my sister and I share clothes most of the time; why should I buy the same thing in the same colour in the same size when my sister has it already? so everything wasn't bought by me alone.
My sister and I got some money for Christmas and I have been working as well, I don't wanna come across like I'm rolling in money, because I'm really not..

 Office shoes - £10 was £38 LINK

Office was one of the most crowded shop I went into on boxing day but when I saw these, it was love at first sight and I had to have them. I love everything about them! Although I can't wear them for now as it's freezing, but bring on summer!

Topshop Leggings - £18 LINK
These leggings are soo comfy and they're high waisted as you can probably tell. I had a pair similar to these from River Island but I threw that away because it had a hole in it and I've been wanting another pair or ages. Sometimes, I get tired of wearing jeans all the time. These are definitely thicker than standard leggings but I think I'd still wear a long top that covers my bum as it's figure hugging.
There are some other colours on sale for £10 but I really wanted them in black.

Primark Shirt - £5 was £10

I saw this shirt and I was like "Well hello there" then I saw that it was £5 and I was like "Come to mama" It is sheer so I am wearing a black vest top underneath.

Republic Jeans - £15 was £30 LINK

I have this in blue so my sis bought this in black. I love these jeans because they're soo high and they suck you in right at the top enabling them to give the illusion of a small waist and wide hips. Also there's no fly so you don't have to worry about the zip falling down. We've all been there *sigh*

Primark Mens hoodie - £5 was £12

I got this hoodie in a Medium but I think I should have got it in a Small as it's quite big and I can't be bothered to return it however it does mean that I can wear a jumper underneath which will make it snug and cosy.  

H&M Blazer - £15 was £29.99 LINK

This blazer is a little more green in real life, on here it looks a lot darker. I like the colour as it's not something I'd normally pick up and I certainly look forward to colour blocking with this in the summer. 

Converse -£40.49 with 10% off student discount, originally £44.99 LINK

I've wanted these for a while. All I have done is stare at them because they're so white. I think they make every outfit look trendy, relaxed and casual. 

Valentia Legwear Tights LINK

These tights are the softest tights I have every come across! I got them as a gift from my auntie. I could only find a link on eBay from a seller in America as I have no idea where she (my auntie) got them from. There are some similar to these in Primark which are £3.50.

H&M Men's jumper - £7.99 LINK

A friend of mine wore this jumper to college and I absolutely love it on him,  then I bought it for another friend of mine for Christmas  so I cheekily bought myself one too. I love it! 

 Republic Men's jumper - £10 originally £16

Sometimes, jumpers in the men section are way nicer than the ones in women. I showed it to my dad when I brought it home and he loved it but me and my sister weren't parting with this jumper.

Daisy Street High neck dress £9.99 was £14.99 LINK

I'm in love with this dress! It's an absolute bargain. The high neck just make it look that bit better giving it that edge over other dresss that I own and it fits just right.

Daisy Street Aztec print dress - £13.99 LINK

I'm not in love with this dress however. Just like the one above, I got it in a S/M but it's baggy and loose still! I'm still debating within me whether to get it altered by a tailor or return it. The only thing stopping me is that take £3 off when you return stuff back! 

Republic Earrings £3.50 was £7 LINK

For some reason, these aren't on sale on the website so I think it'd be better to just go in store and get it for half price. I love statement earrings, you'll hardly see me without any on!

 Asos dress - £15 was £22  LINK

A friend ordered this dress for me for my birthday but I don't really like the fit. It was on my asos dress wish list but it's just not for me, it doesn't look the way I imagined it in my head so it will be going back.

I recently reached 5,000 views on my blog which to me is crazy! I love that people actually take the time to read what I write, thank you so so much!

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

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