Sunday, 30 September 2012

Zara Basic Shopper Bag

Why hello, fancy seeing you here? ;)

About a month ago, I ordered this Zara bag, I'll put the link HERE.It is £19.99 and when I bought it, it only came in black but now it comes in cream and black however I still prefer the black. 

Inside, on one side there are two mobile pockets. Does anyone actually put their phones in these pockets?! I normally put my vaseline and bus pass there! On the opposite side, there is a bigger pocket. I love that it's burgundy on the inside, just adds a touch of colour.

It can be worn on your forearm with the smaller straps or on the the shoulder with the long strap for a more casual look. For the first week of college, I took this bag with me and I found that it got really heavy when I had my folders for my subjects and refill pad to write on and tuna sandwich and Fanta twist and Doritos so I had to stop using it, which is why I think it's a bag designed for a casual day out.

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