Sunday, 29 July 2012

OOTD | Church gal

Just wanted to share what I wore today to church with you :)

I bought this vest top from H&M in the sale, I didn't want to wear the side with the picture on it as it looked a bit too casual and didn't really flow with the rest of the outfit so I just turned it around into a simple white top.
Experiment and wear your tops back to front, it might look unfashionable or it might look great, you never know until you try. 

I bought this orange blazer when I went on a school trip to Berlin either from H&M or Cotton On. It's a nice addition to my wardrobe as I don't have a lot of bright colours in there & it really made my outfit POP. I rolled up the sleeves and I was good to go.

My jeans are from Dorothy Perkins. These jeans are just *mwah* fantastic. It was almost like they were designed especially for me.  They can be dressed up or dressed down and they're super skinny which I l-l-love!

These heels are from Primark, I lost these way back in December and then found them last week in my mum's car underneath the passenger's seat. Need I mention that I always seem to lose things? Please pray for me.
 Words couldn't express my joy when my sister found them! As expected, they're not the most comfortable shoes to walk in but they look good so I grin and bear it.
ANYTIME I wear heels, I always take flats with me.  As soon as church was over, I threw on my flats and went to catch my bus. No Long Ting.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking?!

Tosin xo

Friday, 27 July 2012

Different perspective

I was brought up in a way where divorce was wrong no matter what, whether a partner was cheating or abusive or not treating you right.

One of my relatives   recently got divorced and immediately, I judged her and wondered how she could do such a thing? when she claimed she was a Christian? for better for worse, till death do us part. 
Right? WRONG.
She told me the story of how he'd treated her, how he made her feel & what he put her through. It dawned on me that she couldn't have been married to him any longer.

I'm not saying divorce is fine and if there's any little quarrel in a marriage, divorce should be the answer. NO. 

I'm saying that we shouldn't always judge people's situation because you don't know the background of their story, you're not in their shoes so you can't know exactly what they're going through, unless you've been through it yourself. 

In no way also, am I asking you to excuse everybody's situation but instead of acting like we're better than someone because of the way they are or what they do or because of the mistakes they might have made, we should be thankful for our situation and try to level with them in an attempt to understand what their facing.

For example, I knew a girl who became pregnant at the age of 15, I don't condone it in anyway, but it's done, it's done. There's no way to change it. Should I have sit with my arms folded judging her and thinking she's automatically a bad person, looking down at her or talk to her and treat her the same way and find some common ground of conversation with her?  

In life, some people act like they don't make mistakes, most people don't get divorced, or get an abortion but they make mistakes that no one knows about, however they are still quick to judge.
At the end of the day, only God can judge because he sees and knows all.

I pray that when I get married, I can celebrate 10, 20, 50yrs etc of marriage with my husband and never have to get divorce as I want to marry the right person for me. 

Tosin xo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I know you love my juicy curves.

Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

When ever I read this verse, I know there's a reason I  was made the way I am. I was set apart. There are people who I have a lot in common with but there's no one exactly like me on this earth.

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you were thinner, fatter, taller, shorter? 

 Be happy with the way you look. Personally I love curves, I love that I can "fill" a dress or jeans or a top. DO YOU JAM WHAT I'M TOASTING? but there are also some clothes that other people wear that I just wouldn't look good in. I'm not in anyway trying to boast or big myself up, I've just learnt to love myself.

People were made different for a reason, I love a friend of mine because he's so tall and his hugs just wouldn't feel the same if he was my height. 
Also looks don't define us as people, just because someone is pretty on the outside does not mean they are inside. 
I'm not perfect and I do not have what's considered to be a "perfect" body but I'm happy with my body, yes there are a few things I'd like to change but I don't look in the mirror and hate  my body. 

I know some people who aren't happy with their body but there are some clothes that they could wear that I wouldn't look right in. Everyone is different, it's about finding what fits you and what makes you feel good. If you look good, you'll feel good.

And if you don't feel good about your body then exercise, keep fit, eat healthily but while you're doing that, love yourself. Don't keep comparing yourself to other people, because at the end of the day you can never be them. CAPICHE?
Be you and stand tall and love yourself!

When I'm older and ready to settle down, I'd like to find someone who loves me for me, who loves that I'm not skinny, and I've got the tiniest eyes ever and the widest grin! If you don't love your self, it makes it hard for anyone else to love you.
Take pride in who you are.
When you look in the mirror, admire what you see because at the end of the day you can't change who you are, so love yourself!

Monday, 16 July 2012

I heard about through a youtuber. Kukee is a website which sells on trend and quirky jewellery. I'm a sucker for just takes me to my happy place and then it fizzles out instantly when my mum shouts "COME AND WASH DEE PLATES OO" " *sigh*

I ordered 2 pieces of jewellery just to make sure I would like it & it was legit. I ordered vintage white earrings for £1 and a spikey bracelet for £3 and then delivery was 2.20 so the total was £6.20. and I LOVE IT.

It took 2 days to get delivery and it comes in a cardboard box type package like the one above with your address on the front.
 I almost left my address on the front but there's already paparazzi outside my house, I don't need any more ;)

On opening the box, there is  pink tissue paper with a sticker stating "kukee" on the front and then comes the good part!
Each item was in its own kind of packaging inside.
My wrist and this bracelet are very much in love, for better for worse.

I personally love them, the bracelet just makes my wrist look more like BAM!I can't wait to wear them both.
Kukee sell a lot of inexpensive rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Some vintage and some handmade. Check 'em out.

One tip, which might sound obvious is to buy EVERYTHING you want to buy at once rather than buying a few at a time because you'll have to pay for the delivery costs each time which is a waste of money.

Thanks for reading.
To be honest, I don't really care. My favourite season is winter but what annoys me is that I never know what you wear. I step out without a jacket and I come home drenched. I step out with a jacket and I end up holding it allll day and sweating like there's no tomorrow. 

Tosin xo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

High School Prom - Lady in Red

  On the 6th of July 2012, I attended my high school prom and it was amazing. It was good to see everyone that was there, the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses and the guys looked dapper in their suits and even the teachers looking gurrrd! 
I was an hour late(WHY MUST I BE LATE TO EVERYWHERE I GO?!)...fashionably late of course ;) Getting ready had taken longer than me and my friend Ebony had thought. In my defense, I was ready but Ebony's hair just would not curl. 

My Dress
My dress was made by a friend's mum who is a tailor and anyone who wants her number, feel free to ask!
I  was inspired by two lace dresses Kim Kardashian wore not too long ago.

I bought the lace material and the satin lining underneath for about £24 all together, it was then made for £30. The great thing about getting it especially made is that it was EXACTLY how I wanted it, and fitted to my shape and figure as sometimes when you buy a piece of clothing, it doesn't fit properly or it doesn't fit a certain part of the body. 

The lining of the lace started just on my chest and ended on my knees. From my knee downwards was lace only. 

I decided to go with black and gold for my jewellery and accessories as I felt it looked good and matched my dress well and went with my shoes. Not wanting my nails to clash with the colour of my dress, I painted  my nails black.

Earrings, Newlook -£3
Ring, Primark - £2.50
Bag, Primark - £8
Shoes, Primark - £16

My makeup was done by my friend Grace and she did a brilliant job; when I saw my face at the end, I could not believe it was me. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT WAS.

Re-Gen Cream - £3.99
17 photo flawless primer - £5
Mac foundation- £19.50
Sleek Makeup Blush- £4.30
MUA lipstick- £1
Body collection classic eyeshadow- £1.19
Sleek Makeup Pressed Powder translucent- £4.99

For my hair, I used a hair donut like the one below that I bought from Primark for £1 with the help of two of my friends Grace and Victoria. It took a little while but we got there in the end and my hair stayed put all night, thankfully!

Me and some of my friends.


Beautiful girls at prom.

I had an incredible time at prom and even managed 
to get picture with people who might be famous in the long run a lot of my friends and it's a night I'll never forget!
One advice I'd give to anyone who'd got prom coming up is that you should try not shop for things too late. Most of the things I used was bought in the week of my prom and so it amounted to a lot of money and for that I'm so grateful to my mum. If I started shopping in May, there might not have been such a noticeable drop of money in my mum's bank account. haha. no seriously.

 What was your prom like? Lemme know.
Tosin xo

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Re-Gen Cream.

I have blemishes/pimples (unfortunately I'm not a fine girl no pimples) on my face and I've been looking for something that's inexpensive but will still do the job and I think I've found it! I found out about Re-Gen Cream through a youtube channel and I absolutely love it! I bought it at Home Bargains for £3.99!

It does a lot of different things but I'm using it to help protect against the drying effect of wind and water & moisturise my skin, to reduce the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation marks and to make my skin soft and supple!

It come in a tub containing 125ml , it might not seem like a lot but honestly, you don't need to put too much on the face anyway  so I reckon it'll last about 4 - 6 months.

I use it in the morning and evening after a bath/shower so that my skin can absorb it better and before applying my foundation. When putting it on, I can feel it working as it tingles and stings but I don't mind besides my skin does feel very soft after applying it, if I do say so myself ;)I find myself just stroking my face like a weirdo as it's so so smooth. 
I love that it's cheap and also easy to carry around when travelling for example. If When you buy it, let me know how you found it. :)

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Natural Hair.

(Going for an Australasian accent today yana) 
Did you know you can't say "good eye might" without sounding Australian?

Gonna write about my natural hurr now :) 
Going natural means that I don't relax my hair anymore, I just let it grow. Naturally. Pardon the pun ;)
I cut my hair on the 11th of February 2012, and when it was cut by the person who does my hair, I didn't intend on going natural, my hair was just an eyesore;it was long as the back, short in the middle, long at the front, short at the sides and I was just like is this life?  and it was time to say ba-bye to my Rapunzel locks. A bit of an exaggeration  
During the period of having my extensions in, my sister was obsessed with being natural, people who were natural and she would point out every natural person we saw therefore she said suggested I should go natural and I did so. :)

Now it's July 2nd 2012 so i've been natural for almost 5 months now and this is what my hair looks like! 
Honestly when I first got my hair cut, I didn't like it. It was too short for me to handle. The good thing about being natural is that you can still put your hair in braids or a closed weave(if you leave your natural hair out and add too much heat to it, it could be damaged) so when it's full and long and flowing, people are like WOW.*if they don't say that, make 'em*

Natural hair does need a lot of TLC. It needs to be looked after well because there's no point being natural if it's not but it's definitely worth it!
I'm learning myself about being natural. There are a lot of very good youtube videos about how to style, take care of and wash natural hair. 
I'm getting my hair done today, in a style of long braids, by the time I take it out I'll be 6 months natural!
Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo