Sunday, 29 July 2012

OOTD | Church gal

Just wanted to share what I wore today to church with you :)

I bought this vest top from H&M in the sale, I didn't want to wear the side with the picture on it as it looked a bit too casual and didn't really flow with the rest of the outfit so I just turned it around into a simple white top.
Experiment and wear your tops back to front, it might look unfashionable or it might look great, you never know until you try. 

I bought this orange blazer when I went on a school trip to Berlin either from H&M or Cotton On. It's a nice addition to my wardrobe as I don't have a lot of bright colours in there & it really made my outfit POP. I rolled up the sleeves and I was good to go.

My jeans are from Dorothy Perkins. These jeans are just *mwah* fantastic. It was almost like they were designed especially for me.  They can be dressed up or dressed down and they're super skinny which I l-l-love!

These heels are from Primark, I lost these way back in December and then found them last week in my mum's car underneath the passenger's seat. Need I mention that I always seem to lose things? Please pray for me.
 Words couldn't express my joy when my sister found them! As expected, they're not the most comfortable shoes to walk in but they look good so I grin and bear it.
ANYTIME I wear heels, I always take flats with me.  As soon as church was over, I threw on my flats and went to catch my bus. No Long Ting.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking?!

Tosin xo
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