Tuesday, 10 July 2012

High School Prom - Lady in Red

  On the 6th of July 2012, I attended my high school prom and it was amazing. It was good to see everyone that was there, the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses and the guys looked dapper in their suits and even the teachers looking gurrrd! 
I was an hour late(WHY MUST I BE LATE TO EVERYWHERE I GO?!)...fashionably late of course ;) Getting ready had taken longer than me and my friend Ebony had thought. In my defense, I was ready but Ebony's hair just would not curl. 

My Dress
My dress was made by a friend's mum who is a tailor and anyone who wants her number, feel free to ask!
I  was inspired by two lace dresses Kim Kardashian wore not too long ago.

I bought the lace material and the satin lining underneath for about £24 all together, it was then made for £30. The great thing about getting it especially made is that it was EXACTLY how I wanted it, and fitted to my shape and figure as sometimes when you buy a piece of clothing, it doesn't fit properly or it doesn't fit a certain part of the body. 

The lining of the lace started just on my chest and ended on my knees. From my knee downwards was lace only. 

I decided to go with black and gold for my jewellery and accessories as I felt it looked good and matched my dress well and went with my shoes. Not wanting my nails to clash with the colour of my dress, I painted  my nails black.

Earrings, Newlook -£3
Ring, Primark - £2.50
Bag, Primark - £8
Shoes, Primark - £16

My makeup was done by my friend Grace and she did a brilliant job; when I saw my face at the end, I could not believe it was me. THAT'S HOW GOOD IT WAS.

Re-Gen Cream - £3.99
17 photo flawless primer - £5
Mac foundation- £19.50
Sleek Makeup Blush- £4.30
MUA lipstick- £1
Body collection classic eyeshadow- £1.19
Sleek Makeup Pressed Powder translucent- £4.99

For my hair, I used a hair donut like the one below that I bought from Primark for £1 with the help of two of my friends Grace and Victoria. It took a little while but we got there in the end and my hair stayed put all night, thankfully!

Me and some of my friends.


Beautiful girls at prom.

I had an incredible time at prom and even managed 
to get picture with people who might be famous in the long run a lot of my friends and it's a night I'll never forget!
One advice I'd give to anyone who'd got prom coming up is that you should try not shop for things too late. Most of the things I used was bought in the week of my prom and so it amounted to a lot of money and for that I'm so grateful to my mum. If I started shopping in May, there might not have been such a noticeable drop of money in my mum's bank account. haha. no seriously.

 What was your prom like? Lemme know.
Tosin xo

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  1. Where does your moms friend work?
    does she have a website or...
    Your dress is just beautiful!!

  2. She makes the clothes from home and she lives in Leeds, in case you were wondering!
    Thank you! xx

  3. Is it possible if i could have an email?
    I'm not really good on the phone :))
    Thank you


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