Friday, 27 July 2012

Different perspective

I was brought up in a way where divorce was wrong no matter what, whether a partner was cheating or abusive or not treating you right.

One of my relatives   recently got divorced and immediately, I judged her and wondered how she could do such a thing? when she claimed she was a Christian? for better for worse, till death do us part. 
Right? WRONG.
She told me the story of how he'd treated her, how he made her feel & what he put her through. It dawned on me that she couldn't have been married to him any longer.

I'm not saying divorce is fine and if there's any little quarrel in a marriage, divorce should be the answer. NO. 

I'm saying that we shouldn't always judge people's situation because you don't know the background of their story, you're not in their shoes so you can't know exactly what they're going through, unless you've been through it yourself. 

In no way also, am I asking you to excuse everybody's situation but instead of acting like we're better than someone because of the way they are or what they do or because of the mistakes they might have made, we should be thankful for our situation and try to level with them in an attempt to understand what their facing.

For example, I knew a girl who became pregnant at the age of 15, I don't condone it in anyway, but it's done, it's done. There's no way to change it. Should I have sit with my arms folded judging her and thinking she's automatically a bad person, looking down at her or talk to her and treat her the same way and find some common ground of conversation with her?  

In life, some people act like they don't make mistakes, most people don't get divorced, or get an abortion but they make mistakes that no one knows about, however they are still quick to judge.
At the end of the day, only God can judge because he sees and knows all.

I pray that when I get married, I can celebrate 10, 20, 50yrs etc of marriage with my husband and never have to get divorce as I want to marry the right person for me. 

Tosin xo

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