Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection

Hello people of the blogger world!
On the 21st of March 2013, Trinity Leeds Leeds.
I went to the opening of Trinity with two of my friends. Don't tell anyone but we skived college.  We were apparently on the news as there were cameras everywhere (I don't think my mum saw us so I'm not in trouble, yaaay) and we were definitely one of the first hundred to step in there. I'm so proud of us.

It was absolutely freezing though. 

There were various offers on that day. 
A friend of mine received a chocolate bar which had 20% off Warehouse; the first 20 people that went into Internationale to purchase an item won £50 and I was one of the first 200 to buy something from River Island so I got a goody-bag and one of the item inside it was this Sleek Pout Polish.

Sleek Pout Polish is a tinted lip condition that nourishes and feels like a lip balm, whilst providing the look and colour of a subtle gloss. 

It is £4.50 and can be bought at Superdrug & Boots.

I love the packaging of this and that you can see the colour through the glass. I even like the font on the lid!
It smells really good also, I've not smelt any of the other ones so I do not know if they have the same scent but this one smells good enough to eat!

I personally wouldn't wear this alone, I would put it over a nude/pinky lipstick like the picture below however a friend of mine who got the same pout polish prefers to wear it alone. 
Another thing is that I'm going to get a lip brush for it as does get little specs of dirt in it when I use my fingers to apply it.

It is very pigmented and moisturises the lips. 

I have never been interested in these pout polishes before but I'm definitely going to try other shades out.
I also uploaded a Get ready with me & OOTD to my YouTube page.

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A post to make you smile!

I filmed a causal ootd  when I went to Manchester last week so I will leave that below. 

I also wanted to share two embarrassing things that happened to me this past week.

I walked into Greggs after college one day and this is the conversation I had..

Worker in Greggs: Yum yum?
Me: How did you know?

He just knew what I wanted! The worst thing is that I walk in and look around like I'm going to buy something else and then I always end up getting a yum yum!


Yesterday, I went shopping and I bought a bra (bet you weren't expecting that) along with other things but the bra is significant for this story. I got on the bus with my sister and when we were getting off the bus I turned round to her and say "I can't wait to try on the bra!
Only thing is that it wasn't my sister behind me, it was two guys who just started laughing as I begged for the ground to open up and swallow me. 

Lastly, this video of the cutest little boy singing! This put a massive smile on my face this morning so I wanted to share it. 

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

Monday, 4 March 2013

My recent Topshop buys!

I haven't really posted anything 'fashiony' lately, so I thought I'd hit you up with my recent Topshop buys.
 I've got a guy (not just some randomer from the streets, a friend) who's going to hook me up with 25% off as he works at Topshop so happy days are comin'.

First are these Jaime jeans. I first bought them in my usual size 10 but when I got home, the waist was too loose. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before they would start falling down to my knees,  I decided to return them and get them in a size 8 which was definitely a good decision as they are now loosing up.
I love the way they feel, they're extremely soft and and feel like leggings but give you a bit more for coverage of the bootay.
They are a lovely dark plum/burgundy which is my favourite colour so I didn't have to think twice about getting these.  They were reduced from £40 to £20 and I just couldn't say no.
They are also high waisted so they give the body a nice shape.

The next thing I bought are these beautiful rose gold earrings. They are so pretty to look at and they look equally as good on. They were £7.50 reduced to £3.50. They would go well with the bracelet below also!

Lastly is this bracelet. I hardly ever buy bracelets as I rarely have my arms out as it is still so cold but once I laid eyes on this beautiful rose gold bracelet, I was sold.
 It is such a small but statement piece and I like that it's tight so it doesn't move about too much. I most definitely think my wrist has found a new best friend.  This was £10 reduced to £3.50.

These are my latest Topshop steals, they will also be featuring in a haul video on my YouTube channel very soon but I thought I'd give you beautiful people a sneak peek! ;)

Many of us are getting results on Thursday for exams we sat in January so good luck to everyone!

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo