Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day! 2012

Hello beautiful people!

Just a little post about my Christmas day. 

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One of my friends *cough* Nwora *cough* thought he would give me a great Christmas gift by giving me a cold. I hate taking tablets because I like to get better by myself but because I wanted my cold to be gone before Christmas day, I had to.  

Understandably, Christmas Day is the only day which I didn't do any revision as Jesus obviously wants me to chill on his birthday, I know it. ;) 
Who thinks there should be no exams after the Christmas holidays? Who thinks there should be no exams? 

I tried to find a dress to wear on Christmas day online and in stores, I even ordered one from but I didn't really like the fit so I wore this green and black dress from I would have put a link here but it's not on the website anymore. 
It's a midi dress - like you didn't already guess- and I love it.

I had my hair in a high bun using my hair donut from Primark and a friend told me it was the perfect bun which I was pleased with as it was the first time I did it myself. I usually get my slave friend to do it for me. 

Once  I was ready, I went to church where I sang christmas carols, watched 2 of the pastors play a game which involved them dressing up in sumo wrestler costumes and listened to the kids talk about the lovely presents they'd received. Who said being a Christian wasn't any fun?

Dress -
Earrings - Republic
Heels - Primark

I painted my nails on Christmas eve and by the afternoon of Christmas day, they were already chipped! I wasn't very pleased. 

The rest of the day was spent eating, drinking and most importantly laughing at a family friend's house! 

I went to the boxing day sales today I planned to get to he city centre for 9am and I got there for 12pm haha however I still bought some nice stuff which I will definitely be sharing with you!

I hope you had a great Christmas also!
Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo

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