Friday, 2 November 2012

Look beyond what you see

I know I'm 16 but I feel like I have been through some emotional times in my life and today I'm going to write about a little chapter of my life.

About a year and a half ago, I thought I was going through a really bad time of my life. 

I'd been involved with this guy who - although no one is perfect- seemed perfect for me. Now, I'm the kinda girl who's a hopeless romantic. I love romantic films, cheesy songs and things like that.  When I met this guy, we clicked immediately, we seemed to just get on;he made me laugh and was very easy to talk to. He came to my church and our parents were friends so why not make a go of it right?

We never actually dated but after about 2 months of talking, flirting and whatnot, he called things (whatever this 'thing' was) off and I was devastated. You know that feeling of your heart sinking every time you remember something bad?
That's how I felt everyday for a long while and almost every morning I'd wake up feeling very sad.
He obviously moved on and I felt jealous.

 I know God gets me and he knows that that guy wasn't the guy for me.

When I looked deeply into the situation, I realised that although he was a good guy we weren't meant to be. There were stuff that just didn't click with us and I realised I would have had to compromise some of my values for him.

Now when I look back, I'm glad he called things off, however at that stage in my life, I felt like it was him or no one else. Ridiculous right?!

This post is for mainly anyone around my age or younger who maybe have been through the same thing as me and it's just to say that you are going to look back in 5, 10 years time and think "why did I waste my time thinking about him/her?"

I do feel like I wasted a lot of time 
 upset thinking about what ifs? when I could have been doing things that made me happy like having more fun with my friends and not worrying about the situation so much.

 I am still friends with this guy, we're obviously not best friends. It irritates me when people break up and start being negative about the other person because obviously they liked something about them to have been with them in the first place.  

What happens now is all we see but there's a bigger picture.

Thanks for reading!

Tosin xo
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