Thursday, 31 January 2013

Songs/Videos of the week & over 6,000 views!

January was a month of stress because of exams but I thank God for getting me through it :)

Where did January actually go?
2013 called, it wants January back.
Why did January cross the road? To get to February.

I know you're in stitches right now because of my H I L A R jokes but please pull yourself together and continue reading the post.

I haven't done one of these post for ages so I thought I'd just share with you the videos I've been watching and songs I've been listening to over the past month :) 

Miguel - Do You
 Just to be clear, I don't like drugs but I do like hugs ;) you too? 
Miguel is just such an amazing artist! After the first minute of  this song, I was hooked and I've been replaying it ever since. When I'm around my mum I do prefer to sing "Do you like rugs..?" just to be on the safe side. 

Tom Fletcher -My Wedding Speech
This made me tear up so many times. I started watching it in college (like a true rebel) and got up to the part where he sings about his mum and she's crying and he's crying and I'm there crying as well! Who doesn't love a good old cry? What a lovely thing to do, I think it was way better than any speech he could have given!

The Saturdays - What about us

Has anyone else been watching Chasing The Saturdays? I couldn't wait for it to be shown over here so I've been watching it online and I love it!  They all always look amazing, their style is ON POINT. I must admit, although I like The Saturdays I don't have any of their songs on my phone but this they've released that I love. 

One Direction - Kiss You
Not sure there is one person who hasn't heard this song? One Direction have my heart. This song is just so catchy and I'm sure you all already know that they're singing to me so I won't need to mention that. 

May D - Ile Ijo
You know those days when you need to dance and shake your body? This is the song that gets me moving. I can listen to this at college anymore because my feet start moving and I receive some weird looks from the people around me. 

Robin Thicke - Superman
I hadn't heard this song until January and I am in love with it, there's no doubt about that. I love cheesy songs so this was right up my street and I feel this had just the right amount of cheese!

Jade Novah - Stay (Rihanna Cover)
This woman is amazing!  I really like what she did with the song, by transposing to a higher key. It clear to see the amount of time and effort she puts into her videos and good to see that it's being acknowledged by her viewers. 

Thanks for reading!

I recently reached over 6,000 views on my blog which to me is mind blowing ! I remember when I had 3,000 views and I wasn't sure how that could be topped. I'm grateful for every view and really do appreciate each and every one :) 
Tosin xo

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