Friday, 25 January 2013


I have been shopping and I'm here with a haul, a smaller one this time so that makes it okay..?

Asos earings - £3.50  LINK

I adore these earrings! I bought them to put on when I'm running late for college as they're so simple! Each one goes with at least one thing that I wear so I never have to spend 10 minutes looking for earrings to match again. As you can see, they come in black, rose gold and gold. 

Asos dress £9

I bought this dress in the sale also, it's sold out as well. On the website it says it's red, however it is in fact orange! I think it compliments my skin so well and I can't wait to wear it n the summer. I forgot to take a picture of it but it has a back split at the back..haha which gets just up to the back of my knees.

Asos collar necklace - £7 LINK

I think we may need a moment of silence for this collar necklace. Don't you agree? 
When I saw it, I was like wow! I've never seen anything like it and then I thought why stop there, why not make more of a statement and get it in rose gold? That is exactly what I did and I love it. 
It is also available in gold and silver.

Sleek Foundation - £1.99

I bought this foundation for £1.99! It contains 35ml and comes with a pump. It ridiculous to think that I bought my Mac Studio Fix Fluid for £20 and that only contains 30ml and I had to pay an extra £3 for a pump! 
Sleek have launched a new foundation (I think) so these were on sale so I quickly snapped them up.
It's not the best, understandably but I prefer to wear this to college rather than my Mac one; at the end of the day, it is only college!

Daisy Street Jacket - £16.99
I had to do a whole seperate post on this jacket because I love it that much so I'll put that here.

Coconut lip balm - £0.99
I recently used up my tub of vaseline so I decided to put this lip balm which was only 99p! I love the smell of coconut and it is incredible moisturising on my lips. I put it before applying lipstick, there's nothing worse than dry lips! 

Wet n Wild lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy - £1.29 LINK
I ordered this from eBay thinking it was a burgundy lipstick and I was disappointed when I realised it wasn't but I fell it love with it once I started using it. It is a pinky nude on my lips and I love wearing it as it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all! I never used to think a nude lip would suit me but  this lipstick has certainly proven me wrong.

New Look Hat - £5.00
I'm sure you've seen beanies everywhere now. My poor little ears are always suffering because of the cold so I'm happy I bought this hat. My mum has decided to steal it but I'll let her off (not that I have a choice seeing as I lost hers) 

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo
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