Monday, 2 December 2013

1 year and 9 months natural

HEEEY there!
At the beginning of October, I took my hair extensions (which I have previously done a post on Here) out and decided to have my natural hair out to college. 

Now this was a massive decision for me as usually I don't like my natural hair out, mostly because of the looks I receive from people and because I found it to be at such an awkward length when I last had it out.
However, this time around I have absolutely loved loved loved having my natural hair out.

 One guy said to me "So that's all your hair?" and I flicked it, well I tried but it didn't really moved haha and said YES! 

My hair has grown, I can't believe how far its come. I feel like it is my baby and I'm looking after it, watching it grow, I'm probably sounding a bit crazy but its true. 

So here's me at 1 year and 9 moths natural!

 Previous posts about my natural hair

Thanks for reading! Tosin xo
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