Sunday, 21 April 2013

Big Hair, Don't Care & 7,000 views!


Since I can remember, I've always stuck to braids because I don't like change, unless the change is that Zac Efron proposes to me then that's change I love.
Once I've found a good thing, I just stick to it. However, a friend inspired me to do a style similar to hers but mine ended up quite different to hers but I still like it!

The hair is called Aftress Hair Water Bulk and it was £3.49, I used 4 packs of it which is what gives it so much volume.

It took about 7/8 hours to do this hair (my bum was hurting like no man's business) but it gave me a chance to catch up on Nigerian films and soap that  love. The lady who did my hair was really nice and patient with me and gave me some scrumptious Ghanaian food :) 

When the hair was done, it was mahoosive. It was soo big and I had to avoid my dad for the first week at least because he's more of a gentle and simple man which is everything my hair isn't.

I have been sleeping with a scarf on my head (not my foot? haha) so it's gone down but the curls are still there, alive and well! 

Although I will probably not be doing the exact same hair next as I'm trying to do a range of different hairstyles rather than sticking to the same one, I still absolutely love this hair and I think it suits my face quite well if I do say so myself!
I've never received so many compliments about my hair so this has encouraged me to try out new hairstyles :)

So now I'm going to bombard you with pictures I've taken of me because my inner poser comes out once the camera comes on ;) 

Also, about 2 weeks ago, I had over 7,000 views! I'm soo grateful to everyone who reads my blog and I appreciate each and every view!

Thanks for reading! 
Tosin xo

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  1. i really like your blogg, sweetie!
    would love to welcome you at my blog :)

    1. aww thank yoou, i'll check it out now! xx


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