Sunday, 13 October 2013

Biker Chick

Hellloo, long time no type! College has basically taken over my life and it's only been a month *sobs quietly in a corner* which is why there has been no posts.

After buying this biker jacket in the New Look sale, I couldn't wait to wear it so I wore it to the party I attended that weekend.
 I think my favourite picture is where I'm holding the food I was taking home! 
God bless Nigerians for throwing Nigerian parties with surplus food.
I had a great time, and obviously there was a whole lot of laughter!

you know when you're trying to take pictures for your blog and your friend's just sat there chillin'...

Jacket - Newlook
Shirt & Jeans -Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Garage Shoes

Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo
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  1. Those pink doors are DOODOOOOPE! Your blue jeans against it is incredible



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