Tuesday, 7 August 2012

asos.com. Work hard, spend hard.

Now since I got my first job & my first debit card, I've been like obsessed with online shopping. No matter how I'm feeling, when I get paid, it just makes me the happiest girl alive! It's not so much that I can afford everything but just knowing I can dream to buy anything I want, in the comfort of my home with my hair up in a bun, wearing joggers, basically I don't gotta look good for anyone in my house! 
It's like the whole internet has made a joint decision:"If Tosin won't come to the stores, let's take the stores to her. "

Asos.com is just amazing and the sale is so great at the moment, I think delivery is free now also. 
They have a range of different styles that can appeal to different people. For example, my mum's not a big fan of me wearing short dresses and when I say short, I mean like anything above the knee is too short. She doesn't even call it short, she says too short. 

As expected, most high street stores don't sell dresses that get to your knees & if they do, you're probably left dragging it down every second as they ride up to your thighs after every two steps..yes I'm speaking from experience. HOWEVER asos.com actually has dress & skirts that are midi length.  They're dresses that emphasis your shape making you look classy and fab at the same time. They do do other types of dresses;you can choose the dress length, dress shape, sleeve length etc So if you have the same problem as me or are just want to have a look around, head there because I promise you will not regret it! 

 So it doesn't look like I'm talking about a website I haven't even bought anything from, I took a few pictures in a skirt I ordered, but I'm going to be returning it as it's not the right size. However I will be buying the exact same skirt in a different size. 

I have ordered a dress & some jeans which are on their way so hopefully they'll fit!
Thanks for reading!
Tosin xo
PS, I got some exciting DIYs coming up!
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