Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I've typed 'hello' in so many different fonts that it's started to to look quite strange to me anyhoo 
I'm TOSIN. T O S I N. and this is my first post although I made this blog in February, I never really got round to putting something up. :/
THEN IT HIT ME. *imagine me being hit &+ get excited for the funniest joke to do with being hit at the end of this post*
I love writing about my feelings.
I love reading blogs soooooo

 why not start using my blog? DUHHHH

so that's EXACTLY what I intend on doing.
On my blog, I'm going to write about fashion, beauty, my natural hair and my feelings...so just everything in general :)
I hope you enjoy reading it, if there's any beauty product you want me to review let me know by commenting and also if you want advice on anything :) 

Hope you've enjoyed reading!
Now for that joke...;)

I thought the frisbee was getting bigger then it hit me..

and who am I?
that's a secret I'll never tell *even though I just did*
you know you love me
Tosingirl ;)
(the strange thing is that I was actually called Tosingirl when I was younger but that's a whoole other post)

               Me with my wide grin

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