Saturday, 1 March 2014

Documenting Your Life

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Hi guyss!

I think it's important to document your life.

Even if you don't want to share bits of it like I do on my blog and YouTube channel, still take pictures, and write down your thoughts, feelings, aspirations; make a video just for you to watch in a years time, write the good things that have happened in each day.

I love the videos on my channel and the posts on my blog.
There's nothing like looking back on memories and almost relieving them.

In my diary, I write even the things that may seem stupid and its helps me remember things that I'd forgotten even though they happened at the start of the month!

Here are some bits of what I write!

 "Austin & I did a really weird handshake LOOL"
"Nai & I went to Ebony's house and it looks amazing, it's massive! I love spening time with Ebony, she's great :)"
"I thank God for a good day! He came through for me like he always does!"
"Ben said I should name my kids crumbs! LOOOL"
"We went to Remy's which was so much fun. The rice Remy made was just fantastic and that cake GOT MEH"
"Ebony helped me with my packed lunch for 02, whata cutie!"
"Nandos was fantastic! Thank you Daddy"
"I always feel lucky to have great friends around me!"
"Tayo was so helpful, I thank God for putting her in my life! She also gave me a MAC lipstick which is just WOW. Thank God for Tayo!"

Even writing these have made me smile!

In February I..
...wrote a song with my sister
....worked on my stage fright and sang at church with my friends
...became 2 years natural
...celebrated Gyalentines Instead of Valentines haha
....completed work experience at O2, Telefonica
...went for a meal with my family

Thanks for reading and here's to an amazing March!

Tosin xo
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