Monday, 29 July 2013

My trip to Lancaster University!

Hello, the royal baby is born! YAAAAY! 
If I'm being honest, the queen called me at 4:24pm that day and was like
Queen: "You'll never guess what T-Dawg? Kate's had a baby boy"
Me: "Nah, nah, nah, are you being for real? Don't messabout now. I'm on my way"

And that's exactly how the conversation went.

Anyway, on with the post about my trip to Lancaster University.
I'm not entirely sure who reads this blog so this might not be interesting or useful to people who are already at university studying a course. However if you are my age or younger and want an opinion about Lancaster University then you've come to the right place.

On the 15th - 18th of July 2013, I attended a summer school at Lancaster University. We were provided breakfast, lunch and dinner AND accommodation all for free!
Lancaster University has about 12,000 students and is a Russel group University.

The summer school that I was involved in was Arts & Social Sciences in which I did Business & Management. Within this category, there were also Sociology, Law, Art, Creative writing.

It is "...a FREE 4 day summer school to allow Gifted & Talented WP students in Years 10 - 12 to gain an insight into student life and higher education. Students attending our Step up to HE Summer School will have the opportunity to take part in a stimulating and challenging research project based around one of our four academic faculties - Arts & Social Science, Science & Technology, Health & Medicine and Business & Management. "
Lancaster University Summer Schools

I heard about this summer school through my college but there were a lot of students who had basically searched the web for summer schools and  luckily came across this oppurtunity. I think it is important to use your initiative and just keep checking if universities have any thing to offer because most of the time, they do.

It is so so important to visit a university before deciding to become a student there. Staying there for almost 4 days enabled me to learn so much more compared to if I'd just gone for an open day.

On the last night, we had a formal graduation dinner which we were encouraged to "dress up" for. 

I'm so glad I attended the summer school as it was great to have an experience of having my own room on the campus accommodation as you can see in the pictures above! (Sorry for the rubbish quality!)

As a result, I now know that Lancaster University is not where I want to go. It is a great university though as most people on the residential were certain that that's where they would want to study.

It has to be said that most people found my name difficult to pronounce. What else is new? 
We were playing an "ice-breaker" game where we had to say something like, "I'm Tosin, I went to the market and bought a tie" and the next person would have to remember what my name was and what I bought and also say their name and what they bought. 
This was to help us all remember each others name. Well not in my case. 
Each time it got to my name, the person would look at baffled as he/she tried to desperately remember my name. I'm lying, some people didn't even try which is the funniest part! They just looked at me.

At one point, a girl said "Tossing?" and by this time I was just like "No it's to...actually yeah my name is Tossing"

Thanks for reading! 
Tosin xo
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